Sunday, August 10, 2014

Three kinds of character prone to depression

Often insomnia, anorexia, depression, unhappy people is possible suffering from depression. There in the hospital did not identify depression, but because of the seasons, endocrine changes and other minor depressive symptoms in some people there now. Although women more likely than men to suffer from depression, but it seems also related to depression and personality.
1 too seriously
Work seriously, living in perfect order, it seems quite perfect character, in fact, one character is susceptible to depression. Have such personalities, relationships and attention to the order of things, if this balance is broken, these people will feel tremendous pressure. In other words, it is less flexible and resilience type. Engaged in customer service, financial affairs and other industries with particular attention to the person, which a lot of people because of complaints from customers, their business and can not handle the psychological burden of a large mistake.
2. love into a dead end
Likely to suffer from depression, the second character is full of energy, full of a sense of justice and responsibility, focused character, kind of character is very easy to fall into extreme dead end. However, even with a cavity blood work and theories and work. So this kind of character who had a strong sense of justice and responsibility, when found, contrary nike free to reality and imagination, will feel enormous pressure. When people work hard at diligent promotion to management, work content changes, often because of how driven team, nurture and troubles, sometimes piled more pressure, take note of Ay.
3 complaining
The third character is prone to depression are "complaining" type. In other words, this kind of character who will work errors are attributable to the boss, senior guide is not in place, he did not responsibility, is someone else's fault.
So far depression is often manifested in the life and work of melancholy, and such depressive tendencies manifested as though difficulties at work, but still be able to daily life as usual to travel to the party. nike air force one
Such personalities more for the company's new staff into the former social encounter less frustration, it is not a positive response to the difficulties, perhaps it can be said that has not been adapted to the social person.

Read these three suffer from depression tend to have personality, what do you nike schuhe think? In fact, there are many causes of depression, personality but is considered to be one of them, however, are likely to suffer from excessive pressure depression. Noteworthy not his character is not one of the above three, but to understand their burden of stress how much this can be prepared in advance, to improve their compression capability.

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